You have a viable idea for a photography venture, but don’t know how to push through with it, due to lack of funding. This scenario sounds familiar, right? Some will join a social network for traders and try their luck, as others will face the stiff competition of winning a grant.

Well, the good news is, many foundations exist out there, that are willing to boost those talented photographers who have great ideas, financially. Most of these organisations are non-profit, and only offer grants to those whose views fall on exposing social injustices. Here are some of the principal organisation that you can try out.

The Aftermath Project

This is a non-profit organisation, devoted to telling the story of how people can live again, after conflict and wars. Its main aim is to send a definite vibe of hope, and restoration, to individuals affected by wars. If your passion is in covering the aftermath of war, this projects holds annual grants competitions to people like you. This can be an excellent source of funding to those who want to establish a better photography venture.

The National Geographic Young Explorers

This grant targets young photographers, who have a passion for conservation, research, and exploration, of animals and the environment. The National Geographic has several programmes that target help to such talented photographers. These include:

  • The Conservation Trust (CT)
  • The Committee for Research and Exploration (CRE)
  • The Expeditions Council (EC)

Alexia Grant

This is an establishment to reward the best photographers in the industry. This grant is given to photographers who aid in world peace, and cultural appreciation, through appealing photography. The ability to visually execute a meaningful story is an added advantage in this foundation. The proposal sent, must be of high quality, and properly convincing, to stand a chance of funding. The foundation also avails cash to students, who want to enhance their knowledge in photography.