Have you ever been so confident with your photography venture idea, that you could see the millions coming your way? Well, you are not alone. Many people have these ideas in thier minds but very few have implemented them. The key factor being capital. Photography requires a lot of intense work and commitment but above all money to keep the idea running. Besides trying out naga wallet, here are some sure ways of getting a reliable source of cash for your photography venture.

Request from family and friends

Apart from you, the only other people who can see the practicality in your idea is your family and friends. These are the people who can take interest in your dream with little or no motive of making a profit from you. You stand to lose nothing by making this your first call of help, as you might find one who has something to assist you with.

Government’s start-up loan scheme

If you can outline your idea well, a government start-up loan scheme can be a good door to knock. Some of these loans are specifically aimed at young business persons trying to venture into the entrepreneurial world. The best thing with these loans is they attract very low or manageable interest rates. Most of them will also have extremely reasonable interest rates with a 5% maximum. They also offer mentorship and sometimes free startup services like permits and licenses.

Angel Investors

This is basically extremely rich individuals who are usually entrepreneurs who want to invest in the next big thing out there. Other than money, they also assign mentors to individuals who will be offering advice. The only problem with this approach is, how to meet one. Always keep an eye on conferences and pitchy events where great business people are likely to be.